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About Us

Empower Group is all about empowering business. We provide scalable and affordable business services to businesses and sole proprietors alike.

Unlike many consulting services providers out there, Empower Group is more than just a source of advice; we are a source of action. Providing businesses with actionable strategies designed to achieve sustained and measured growth, we look to become a long term partner in your business’ success.
Knowledge is the tool that empowers business and business owners to achieve the success and growth that they desire. At Empower, we believe so strongly in the act of empowering business, it’s in our name! Be it our regular schedule of group classes, or an individualized one-on-one curriculum, Empower Group can provide the knowledge you seek.
Whether you’re an independent agent, small business person, or ambitious “starving artist”, Empower Media has a solution to fit your needs. As an artist, musician, sole proprietor or small business, you too need access to the services and systems used by the “big guys”. Empower allows you to focus at what it is that you do best – partnering with you in areas that are required to move your business ahead.
When most business owners hear the words custom applications, software, SAAS, and web-apps and other web/technical jargon, many run in fear. Technology need not be difficult; when it comes to growing your business, or bringing your idea to life. Empower Group partners with your organization through the entire process – from business impact assessment and planning, all the way through launch, and post launch support.