The Empower Group is a Madison based firm, founded in the Spring of 2013 by two local entrepreneurs, with the goal of using enterprise methodologies to scale with businesses of all size.

The Empower Group prides itself in providing organizations with information and options. The divisions which make up our organization are centered around empowering better business by way of communications, best practices, technology, and strategies.

Our methods are client driven and focused.

This allows The Empower group to act as a simple sounding board to some, all the way to an full fledged facilitation partner to others covering any variety of business function. If there is one common denominator in our approach across every discipline and methodology it is that of action. The Empower Group is here to facilitate growth and empowerment for new and established organizations alike!


Our Mission

Empower Group is committed to providing class leading scalable business solutions centered around Consulting and Training Services to all sizes and types of businesses.


Our Vision

To provide scalable and affordable business services to businesses and sole proprietors alike.


Our Solution

Engaging scalable enterprise methodologies while coordinating process-centric, outside the box thinking.