Our Small Business Services

Relationships with consultants can be nebulous at times. Like many companies, we tend to be a little hesitant to bring in an outside group to manage one or more particular growth projects. There comes a time in business when we start to exceed a resource capacity and either look to expand the business internally, or get some sort of external assistance.

“You just sold 10,000 units. Great, now how am I going to build all these?”

Whether there is an area of services you’d like to have managed or you plan to expand the business internally, a consultancy can be of significant value. Expanding internally is typically tried first, often times followed by hiring contract people to fill in the gap. This cycle repeats itself until another resource capacity is reached; eventually that resource is money. Businesses are forced into a difficult position where they either can’t afford or no longer want to expand in a particular area.

A middle ground can be reached between internal hires and external contracts. Hiring a consultancy to provide a team of employees can reduce some of the expansion costs. If the new project requires significant upfront investment, externalizing some of the cost can be a significant catalyst for revenue.

We are a small business, working for other small businesses to assist in scalable enterprise growth methodologies, no matter where you are in the business evolutionary process. We have two general categories of customers: businesses in their infancy, and existing businesses.


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